Dialing for Dollars:  How to Save on Credit Card Interest

We’ve got an entire section dedicated to conquering debt, but did you know there’s a quick way to get some instant savings?   If you have credit card debt, read on.

Why would a credit card company voluntarily lower your interest rate?

To keep your business!  There’s a lot of competition out there in the credit card industry and they value you being a customer.  Don’t believe it?  A recent survey of 981 credit card holders found that 78% of those who called their credit card company and asked for an interest rate reduction were successful.

Why does it matter?

Any reduction in your interest rate, even a small one, helps you put more money into paying back your debts.  You’ll get everything paid off faster.  This is money straight into your pocket.

Sounds awkward…what do I say?

It may feel strange, we get it.  But it can be very worth your while to at least try.  

To make it easier, here’s a script offered by creditcard.com to help you make the call.

Just follow it!  Good luck!


Looking for more fast and easy tips to save money and get your debt under control?  Check out our resources for conquering debt


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