How to Use Automation To Achieve Your Savings Goals

How to use automation to improve your finances

In today’s world, companies use automation every day to get you to buy more. And it usually works!

  • Ads follow you around to remind you of something you looked at
  • Amazon and others offer “one click” shopping so you barely have to lift a finger
  • Retailers send you a near constant barrage of emails showing you products that you might like

Get automation working for you…not retailers.

Now, what if we turn the tables? We can use automation to help us save instead of helping us spend more. Here’s some quick changes to do just that:

  1. Automate your savings in your 401(k), health savings account and other savings account. Have your contributions deducted automatically so you won’t even miss the money. That’s called “paying yourself first”.
  2. Automate your bills with bill pay or an automatic charge. That way, you’ll know your bills will always be paid on time and eliminate any late fees.
  3. Actively remove the automation that retailers default to. So remove one-click ordering, don’t save your credit cards in retailer platforms, and unsubscribe from mailing lists.

These actions don’t take a long time.

But they can have a big impact on your ability to achieve your goals faster. One big side bonus: you’ll save a whole lot of time in the process.

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