Retirement Planning

Welcome to the Retirement Planning section. Here you’ll find easy steps and resources to planning the future you want, whatever that may look like.

Why Plan for your Future?

Don’t leave your future to chance. You can’t get where you are going without a roadmap. Fortunately it only takes a few hours per year to plan for the life you want. Read on for more about retirement planning.

retirement planning

We get it:  the traditional idea of retirement may not appeal to you.  Whatever your vision of your future, it’s not so much about “retirement” as it is about planning for your future.

Really what you’re after is choice, right?. Wouldn’t it be best to know that at some particular age, you’ll have enough to replace your income going forward? Then, you can have the freedom to make the choice to retire, to continue working, or maybe start a new career. Or travel, or become the Guinness world record holder for lawn bowling, or base jumping… whatever does it for you.

The thing is, you HAVE to plan.  Because like it or not, you may not have the choice to keep working.

This is not under our control: while we may want to continue working, oftentimes circumstances don’t allow us to. Maybe due to health we can’t keep working, this happens with many people who end up having to retire far earlier than planned.  Or we get laid off and can’t find another job that we like.

This is very common.  A recent study showed 60% of retirees ended up leaving the workforce earlier than they planned due to all these reasons.

So, you can’t afford to think that you will defy the odds.   None of us can.

Studies show Americans spend more time planning where to go on vacation than planning how to finance their future. So there’s no surprise most people don’t end up where they want to be. In fact, studies now show that the number one regret of retired Americans is not saving enough money. That’s even more common than wishing they’d done better with personal relationships and other common deeply personal regrets. So let’s learn from them: the head-in-the-sand approach DOES NOT WORK. We must take action, plan, and then follow the plan.

So, we need to take time to make a plan.  It doesn’t take long and in fact with saving for the future, TIME is our greatest ally. So starting is the most important thing.  See how in our Easy Steps section.

Your Retirement Roadmap

Short on time? Start with a quick overview.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”
–Will Rogers

Easy Retirement Planning Steps

Planning for your future doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task.  Follow these easy steps today to get started toward a future you can look forward to with confidence.

Learn More about Retirement Planning

Looking to dive in further? Find helpful, easy resources to learn more here.

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